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About Our Mission

Our mission is to promote equity in youth athletics by providing underprivileged high schools and youth organizations with the necessary resources to participate and excel in sports. We strive to level the playing field by donating athletic equipment, apparel, and facility upgrades, allowing these individuals to reach their full potential and pursue their athletic dreams. Through our efforts, we hope to empower communities, instill confidence, and inspire the next generation of leaders.



Our Purpose and People

Started by former coaches and professional athletes, we understand the impact athletics have on our youth.

It teaches discipline, teamwork, trust, and loyalty. It not only can positively impact the athlete, but it can also have a positive impact on the school, community, & city. These are some of the character traits that are carried through life and exhibited through many of the leaders that we see today. Therefore Athletic Affiliates is passionate about maintaining sports in our schools and communities.

Our team is committed to inspiring our youth to participate in athletics, to engaging athletic departments and organizations with positive reinforcements, and providing opportunities for our youth to not only play safely, but also pursue athletics at every level.

Board of Directors

And Advisors



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